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Innovating to better care for you

Science continues to move forward thanks to your university hospital, which is investing in innovation to find future cures.


is the effectiveness of the Ebola vaccine, tested at the HUG, obtained in Guinea.

It's a great result for Professor Claire-Anne Siegrist, Head of the HUG Centre for Vaccinology : the experimental vaccine, tested at the request of the WHO, has proven its safety and its ability to produce antibodies. After something of a race against time, the results of this clinical trial were published in early April by the New England Journal of Medicine, then in August in the Lancet Infectious Diseases. These two publications in leading scientific journals confirm that VSV-ZEBOV has been an asset in the fight against the Ebola epidemic.


17 innovative projects 

Among the 17 projects presented on Innovation Day, some improve treatments abroad, such as SafeMicrolab, which allows for the diagnosis of Ebola in a safe environment, and the GlobalNeoNat incubator transformed into a simple, solid and affordable device. Others provide solutions for safer blood transfusion or a way to empty the stomach of a patient under emergency general anaesthetic. As for the one presenting a toothbrush for people with disabilities, it's a handy, simple and ingenious solution!


98% satisfaction

For a child, having a dressing applied can be a painful and distressing experience. By revolutionising dressings, paediatric outpatient consultations have prioritised quality of care and patient interaction. And successfully so, since a survey showed that in 93% of cases, the welcome was deemed to be warm, and 98% of respondents felt the contact with the child was excellent.


7 research and development projects

In 2015, thanks to the HUG Private Foundation, the clinical research centre of Geneva University Hospitals and the Faculty of Medicine has supported seven projects by young researchers covering a wide variety of themes such as the treatment of strep throat, transplantation of haematopoietic stem cells, the role of stress in neurological disorders, and language monitoring during brain surgery.

Last update : 29/01/2019