Vaccinology Center


Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4
1205 Geneva

Christiane Eberhardt
Christiane Eberhardt
Head of Center

Mission of the Vaccinology Center

Vaccinology is the science that encompasses all aspects related to the prevention of diseases using vaccinations. The goal of Vaccinology is to meet the prevention needs of everybody in an individualized manner, with personalized approaches that make it possible to identify the degree of protection, to define the necessary vaccination strategies and to decrease any risks of adverse reactions.  

In 2000, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva created the first Chair of Vaccinology in Europe. Its Vaccinology Center, which is managed by Professor Claire-Anne Siegrist, is the privileged partner in a major European program (the ADITEC project, “Advanced Immunization Technologies”), which has a network of 42 research partners located in 13 countries. This research project should make it possible to develop a new generation of more effective vaccines that just as safe in terms of controlling the risk of adverse effects. The Geneva Vaccinology Center has obtained more than a million euros in financing and is on the committee that is steering the project scientifically.

By creating its own Vaccinology Center, HUG is making available to everyone the unique experience acquired by its research doctors - and is confirming its leadership position in Switzerland. The mission of the center relates to anything that has an impact on vaccinology, for any age, and in all contexts.

Last update : 04/06/2024