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How much does a day in hospital really cost?

Taking into account all areas of care and patients treated, a day in hospital costs an average of 1581 francs. From 784 francs in rehabilitation to 5000 francs in intensive care, the cost per patient* varies depending on the use of the technical platform and the type of care.


équipements5-8 %

From a drip to a robot, or a surgical laser to an ultrasonic scalpel, the HUG have 37,670 pieces of equipment with a total value of 317.5 million francs. To keep up with developments in treatments and technology, they spent 18 million francs in 2015.


soins50-95 %  

The highest share of the costs is for treatments and those who administer them. For the HUG, staff costs accounted for 1,351,400,000 francs in 2015.



médicaments et matériels5% on average

A titanium prosthesis, a syringe, a dressing, an implant, a radioactive substance, a blood bag, a drug: all of these are part of medical operating expenses, which cost 187.8 million Swiss francs in 2015.



hôtellerie et restauration5%

Each patient pays 15 Swiss francs a day as a contribution to living expenses (food, accommodation). This is far from the direct costs, estimated at 122 francs a day, including 50 francs for all three meals, 25 for cleaning and maintenance of rooms, 15 for energy (water, electricity, heating) and 32 for other expenses (laundry, linen supply and monitoring in particular).



travauxAs well as the 549 million francs to be invested in major projects between now and 2017, 20.8 million Swiss francs were spent in 2015 to maintain the property portfolio.



recherche et enseignement190 million: this is the allowance paid in 2015 by the State of Geneva so that the HUG could carry out pre- and post-graduate training, as well as clinical research. Added to this sum are private and public funds such as the Swiss National Fund for Scientific Research or the HUG Private Foundation, which both give research a much-needed boost.



*Be careful not to confuse the cost of a day and its price, i.e. the amount of the invoice issued to the insurance or the patient. The cost is on average double the price charged; the difference is covered by the allowance paid by the state.


Last update : 24/01/2017