Your treatment

Your allocated carers card

On arrival you will be given a card naming your assigned doctor and nurse. They are specifically responsible for your treatment and care and will monitor the progress of your health. If you do not receive this card, please ask. Your allocated healthcare workers may alternate on a shift system.

A team around you

Need anything? We will listen. Any doubts? Share them with us. Questions? Go ahead and ask. Your allocated doctor and nurse are here to answer your questions and make joint decisions with you concerning your health. With your consent, they will also be pleased to discuss these matters with your relatives

Color-coded badges tell you who’s who

 doctors doctors 
 healthcare staff healthcare staff
 care assistants care assistants
 ancillary health professionals ancillary health professionals
 support and administration support and administration

Personalized treatment

Your carers will interview you on arrival. Please use this time to give as much information as you can about yourself. Your participation makes it possible to personalize your treatment plan. Your plan will be reviewed regularly. The people treating you are attentive to your safety and comfort, while respecting your privacy. Any examination or analysis requires your consent.

As a university teaching hospital, HUG has a mission to train the healthcare specialists of tomorrow. This means that healthcare specialists may be accompanied by one or more medical students.

Your relatives and friends

Your relatives and friends are welcome. Their bedside support can be a great source of strength. However, to allow your care to proceed smoothly, please ask them to:

  • restrict the number of visitors to two or three and to leave the room when other patients sharing your room are receiving care or treatment
  • apply rules of hygiene (no sneezing, coughing, wash their hands...)
  • observe visiting times
  • act discreetly.

Visiting times may be changed by doctors'orders.

Social services

Social workers and the community nurses can offer advice and help you to complete the insurance or administrative formalities (applications for allowances, statutory invalidity pension payments etc.). They will also arrange domiciliary care and support.


If you require the assistance of an interpreter, please do not hesitate to ask. Whatever language you speak, your care team can arrange the services of specialist interpreters, trained in bilingual communication in medical matters. Professional sign language interpreters are also available to ensure quality of care through good communications between deaf patients and their doctors.


To receive treatment from a chiropodist, please ask your healthcare team.

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Last update : 27/05/2022