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In 2015, the HUG controlled costs related to management, logistics and maintenance of property and equipment, absorbing fluctuations linked to hospital activity and the increase in services and equipment, while continuing efforts to manage and optimize energy consumption.



88’178 MWh consumed


nettoyage et entretien

435’803 sqm cleaned 


transports héliportés

3’483’081 meals prepared*



433 433 assignments for almost 14,400 minutes of flight


*56% of meals made are served to patients, 18% to employees and 26% delivered elsewhere.


Bains de CressyNew to the Bains de Cressy

Welcoming around 140,000 customers every year, and as part of the HUG, the Bains de Cressy is a wellness and therapy centre that is committed to providing an oasis of well-being for all. In 2015, they devised a playful aquatic space, which on weekends is reserved for children under 6, accompanied by a parent. The perfect treat for young and old alike!




Last update : 18/06/2020