Mission, vision, principles

Duties: Why we exist

Geneva Law on Health (FR) entrusts HUG with three main missions:  

  • Treatment and care
    The HUG responds to the healthcare needs of a community of 500,000 people with additional patients from other regions of Switzerland and abroad; they handle some 140,000 emergencies per year.
  • Teaching
    In collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and professional schools, the HUG admits 1 733 physicians and 1 332 health professionals for training every year.
  • Research
    In close collaboration with the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine (FR), the HUG leads top-level medical research and actively contributes to progress in medicine through advanced research in medical and healthcare disciplines.

Vision: the path to follow

An institution’s vision is its path and intended destination. HUG’s consists of five strategic objectives

  • To excel for the patient
  • To give meaning to staff commitment
  • To work better together
  • To maintain HUG’s position in the Lake Geneva health network
  • To prepare for the future

Principles: philosophy
An institution’s principles represents its credo. At HUG, four principles guide our staff to focus on a single mission :

Last update : 26/03/2024