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Your hospital is a renowned academic center

In response to the appeal from the World Health Organisation, Geneva University Hospitals champion access to quality care for all. They also develop advanced medicine and enjoy an international reputation.


is the number of patients treated at the HUG in 2015.  

Every year, an average of one in three Geneva residents receives care at the HUG, whether treated as an outpatient, in A&E or hospitalised. Added to this patient base are several thousand people who come from other cantons or abroad to receive highly specialized care. 


The sharp rise in outpatient care continues, with almost a million people treated, including 90,000 in A&E and 110,000 day cases. Surgical activity is stable, except in the fields of advanced medicine, where it continues to increase: corneal transplants, organ transplants and robotic surgery.



Last update : 29/01/2019