MyHUG, the secure clinical portal for health professionals

MyHUG is the secure clinical portal where we can exchange with you, health professionals, computer-based data concerning your patient's care. Data exchanges are secure and users are subject to robust authentication process either through the Swiss health computer network Health-Info-Net (HIN) or via a one-time SMS code (“SMS Challenge”).

After successful registration, MyHUG allows you to receive, electronically, medical documents concerning your patients during or after their stay at the HUG. The system also allows you to send documents to the HUG such as requests for specialized consultations or for admission.

You will find information about the HIN’s opportunities and terms at

If you already have an HIN account, you can register on MyHUG directly at: The registration process using a one-time SMS code for authentication is available here (FR).

Registration on MyHUG is free of charge.

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Last update : 15/04/2021