General conditions and ethical charter

  • The site is intended to be the main support resource for all information made available by the HUG. It offers access by target group: patient, visitor and health professionals and it provides information on research, training, care (with a particular focus on medical specialities) as well as information about the institutions.
  • All the medical information displayed on this site originates from reliable sources and has been validated by doctors and qualified professionals.
  • Information on this site describing the services available has been designed for patients, visitors and for the general public. 
  • In no case does this information replace a medical consultation.
  • It may not be applied to one specific case and may not be used to establish a diagnosis or treatment.
  • It is always formulated in general terms and is made available to internet users for information purposes only.
  • Only an appointment with a doctor enables a diagnosis to be made and treatment to be proposed. No diagnosis will be provided by email. 
  • Personal information that you may send by email or contact form will be kept confidential. In no case will this information be sold, rented or made accessible to third-parties in any form whatsoever.
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  • This site is financed exclusively by the HUG. No advertising space is sold on the site. 
  • The internet links to other sites are provided for information purposes only. The content of these external sites does not commit HUG in any way.
  • Submissions via contact forms and chatbot are reserved to people over 16 years of age.
Last update : 09/05/2023