Organization Structure

At the head of HUG, we find the Board of Directors (BoD), which sets institutional policy. Pursuant to Law K 2 05 (FR), the BoD has broad management authority, subject to the oversight of the legislative (Great Council (FR)) and executive (State Council (FR)) of the Republic and the canton of Geneva.

Composed of 20 members (FR), who serve a term of 4 years, the BoD is chaired by one of its members named by the State Council. The State Councillor from the Department of Employment, Social Welfare and the Health Department (DEAS (FR)) takes part in its meetings.

M. François CanonicaM. François Canonica
Chairman of the Board of Directors


Within the context of the policies, general objectives, budget and structures approved by the BoD, operational decisions are delegated to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who must report results obtained to the Board. The role of the Executive Committee (FR) is to propose institutional policies to the BoD.

M. Bertrand LevratM. Bertrand Levrat
Chief Executive Officer


Last update : 09/11/2023