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An alternative for the liver

What's the best way to treat the advanced stages of liver disease? So far, the only treatment available for patients with terminal diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver - whether caused by alcohol or viral hepatitis - has been transplantation. 

Seeking an alternative, researchers from the surgery department had the idea of ​​using mesenchymal stem cells and encapsulating them. They are the first in the world to demonstrate in mice that through this encapsulation, the cells have an anti-inflammatory effect that repairs and regenerates the diseased liver.

This new treatment, still in its pre-clinical research phase, is a source of real hope, particularly in light of the considerable imbalance between the number of organ donors (which remains low) and the growing number of patients awaiting transplants, especially the liver. This research is supported by the HUG Private Foundation.

Last update : 23/02/2017