Patient Therapeutic Education Center


Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4
1205 Geneva

Aline Lasserre Moutet
Aline Lasserre Moutet
Center Manager

Mission of the Patient Therapeutic Education Center

  • Promote the development of therapeutic education within HUG
  • Promote care quality for chronic diseases at HUG
  • Support treatment teams in developing ETP projects
  • Promote exchanges and collaborations in the area of chronic disease at HUG

What is the ETP ?

ETP is an education and support model for people living with one or more chronic diseases.

Recognition of the “the experiences of the patient” is the cornerstone of this model, with its corollary, identifying the patient’s learning needs.

ETP does not amount to the transmission of information, but includes the varying educational methods that promote the acquisition of self-care skills and adaptation to the disease, which affects the different dimensions of the person (cognitive, emotional, perceptive, etc.).

The educational work can be performed on an individual basis or in groups of patients.

The goal of ETP is to support the commitment of the patient to his or her care, using a learning project that makes sense to him or her, in order to decrease the risk of complications and improve quality of life.

ETP has developed over 40 years in Switzerland and abroad.

HUG is a pioneer thanks to the Division for Therapeutic Education for Chronic Diseases, which has supported, over all of these years, chronic patients, particularly in the field of diabetes, obesity and associated diseases, in order to prevent complications. 

The Division for Therapeutic Education for Chronic Diseases created, in 1998, the ETP Diploma in continuing education awarded by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva.

Since then, 250 care providers have been trained in ETP, 60 of these at HUG.

As part of their training in ETP, these physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and dietitians have developed ETP programs that are tailored to their patients.

Last update : 20/07/2023