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Increase in the number of cases

prises en charge urgentes

Seeking emergency treatment has become something of an automatic response. In 2015, the total number of cases handled by the HUG's various emergency services rose by 5%, amounting to 64,525 adult patients and 27,049 children.

In paediatrics, the increase actually exceeds 10%. This is due to two phenomena:

  • the use of A&E in the evenings and on weekends by parents who can't get an appointment in town outside of working hours
  • more efficient triage and the SMS reminder system introduced by the HUG, which has improved the perception of waiting times among parents.

An emergency every 6 minutes

Reduced waiting times

Despite the constant increase in activity, waiting times have decreased significantly. For adults and children alike, the most serious accidents and emergencies continue to be handled with virtually no waiting.

For non-critical adult emergencies, waiting times fell by half between 2014 and 2015, and are now average between 5 and 28 minutes depending on the severity. This result was achieved through a combination of several measures:

  • extending the opening hours of imaging platforms
  • adding more consultation sessions
  • improving patient transfers between floors
  • faster registration and triage.
  • In paediatrics, these waiting times halved between 2010 and 2014. For non life-threatening emergencies, depending on the severity, patients wait between 12 and 22 minutes to see a doctor.

Updated web guide


This handy guide answers all parents' questions: what is this illness? how can I care for my child? should I take them to A&E? In addition to illnesses, it gives details of minor accidents, lifesaving first aid, and warning signs that a doctor should be consulted urgently. 

Completely revised and expanded in 2015, the website is based on the book Allô docteur mon enfant est malade (Hello doctor, my child is sick), written by Professors Annick Galetto-Lacour and Alain Gervaix. It provides 113 pages of valuable advice.

Last update : 09/12/2019