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The revolutionary intracardiac pacemaker

A first in Switzerland in early June: two men and a woman received a revolutionary pacemaker at the HUG, barely bigger than an almond and made with biocompatible materials. At 2.9 centimetres long and the thickness of a pen, it fits directly into the right ventricle. 

Compared to the housing usually implanted under the skin near the shoulder, this device is practically invisible. This is a considerable benefit to people of thin build, where it is sometimes visible, and for those with sensitive skin.

This miniature intracardiac pacemaker has another advantage: it no longer needs the pacing leads, which in the classic model connect it to the heart. Its implantation is performed under local anaesthetic. The medical monitoring is identical to that of a traditional pacemaker - one test every six months.

Last update : 20/01/2017