Suicide Prevention

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Malatavie with Children Action

Created 20 years ago, after an unprecedented collaboration between the HUG and the foundation Children Action, our suicide prevention and treatment initiative is now called Malatavie. The new name is intended to increase the visibility of this crisis unit and make it easier for young people and those around them to remember. 

Malatavie is aimed at teenagers who have suicidal tendencies or feel a deep sense of unease. Since its inception, this structure has helped 3500 young people in hospital or as outpatients, and recorded 7000 calls to its 24-hour telephone hotline. 

The Children Action Foundation contributes a third of the operating budget for this unit. It is also involved in prevention through campaigns like Le suicide, c’est pas du cinéma, the pseudo drug Fepalcon 500 and the No Suicide comic.

For more info, see the page on Fighting suicide in young people.

Last update : 24/04/2023