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Project 1: Patients as partners

As public institutions, the HUG undertake to provide high quality services to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status. To take account of changing needs, the HUG now want to find a constructive way to include patients and their relatives in discussions. 

As the beneficiaries of our services, patients are very well placed to assess the organization of treatments and services. Their suggestions are key to identifying ways to improve or test new ideas.

Project 2: Employees in action

With more than 10,000 employees, Geneva University Hospitals constitute a pool of ideas that it would certainly be a shame to ignore. Each employee, with their own personality and skills, can play an active role in the development of innovative solutions that will help the hospital move forward. 

This project has two components: 

  • an innovation centre to collect, develop and implement the best ideas 
  • a village of employees to foster a sense of belonging and create a sense of well-being at work.

Project 3: Clinical excellence and quality

For the HUG, quality is an integral part of their ambitions and commitments. This means defining priority targets in the field of clinical excellence, and stimulating a culture of quality.

One key priority is reducing waiting times in A&E, despite the increased number of cases. Waiting times have already been shortened thanks to several recent measures, including the creation of an office enabling a city doctor to hospitalise a patient directly. There are other solutions in the pipeline, including the opening of a Geriatric A&E at Trois-Chêne Hospital in 2016. 

Project 4: Patient routes

Treating the patient in the right place at the right time: this is what the healthcare system is all about. Substantial improvements can be made to better manage patients' routes through this health service, making sure they receive the most appropriate care, regardless of their location. 

In particular, arrival at the hospital, preparation for discharge and planning for ongoing care still require improvement. In this context, the online platform MonDossierMedical.ch needs to become the priority tool for the exchange of information between all healthcare professionals working on a patient's care.

Project 5: Our everyday values

Strong values, recognized by the public as a whole, are the only way to unite all employees around a shared purpose and mission. In an institution like the HUG, they must also translate into the everyday actions of those who truly make it what it is: employees and patients.

These institutional values ​​combine with interpersonal resources such as empathy and respect, team work and the collective intelligence provided by our varied professions. new ideas.

4 values


An institution's values are its belief system. At the HUG, these are:

  • quality
  • innovation
  • service and
  • responsibility.


Project 6: More time for patients

Better division of labour between administrative staff and medical caregivers means that more time can be allocated to interaction with patients. The time gained really comes into its own when it allows for quality interaction and constructive exchanges.

Chatting and being kept informed are among patients' legitimate expectations of their caregivers and loved ones. One of the actions planned is to strengthen the technical communication skills of staff.

Project 7: Academic medicine

Today, the HUG have reached a high level of excellence in many areas of advanced medicine, earning them national and international recognition. For French-speaking and Latin Switzerland, the progress of this academic medicine relies on coordination, particularly with Lausanne University Hospital, a leading partner, to ensure a pool of patients big enough to guarantee the quality of cutting-edge medical activities and clinical research.

The challenge is twofold: strengthening academic cooperation and exploring the potential of tomorrow's medicine.

Project 8: Personalised employee career paths

Faced with a shortage of health professionals, which can be explained by a high retirement rate and increased competition, the HUG are particularly keen to attract and retain talent. This involves developing skills and encouraging everyone to progress in their profession or to move up in the institution. 

Given the changes to many professions, and the expectations of the new generation, it is important to develop new career paths, to promote positive mobility and to personalise careers.

Project 9: Corporate Social Responsibility

As the largest employer in the canton of Geneva, the HUG have a considerable economic, social and environmental responsibility.

While hospitals are a world of white, with the uniforms of their staff, and grey with their many brain cells, the HUG have now added green, by being the first university hospital in Europe to perform a life cycle assessment. Their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint include cutting down on energy consumption, promoting renewable energy, increasing recycling, establishing a responsible purchasing policy and an eco-mobility plan.

Find out more

For the first time, the HUG have published a Social and Environmental Report , giving an overview of their policies and actions. 

Last update : 22/12/2022