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Modernisation of the technical platform

To make sure patients are treated in complete safety, the ergonomics of operating rooms is paramount. In 2015, ophthalmology redesigned two rooms by optimising the positioning of each party present (patient, doctors, nurses, mobile equipment) and by modernising equipment (computerised anaesthetic machines, surgical lighting with video system, microscopes, and so on.).

Special feature of this discipline: a surgical microscope is used in the majority of operations, including vitreo-retinal surgery, cataracts, strabismus and corneal transplants. The quality of the microscope is crucial for the success of the operation. The two existing microscopes have been replaced by high-end systems. Other devices such as a vitrectomy machine complete this equipment.

Note that each room has a video management system, with big screen and control PC. This device is used to display the images from the surgical microscope or camera, and record or even stream videos as part of training.

For more info, see the ophthalmology department website.


Last update : 24/01/2017