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As a leading economic player, Geneva University Hospitals employ 10,826 people, equivalent to 9207 full-time jobs. Seven in every ten employees are women. Four in ten employees work part time. In 2015, the HUG hired 907 people.

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Note: percentages are rounded up, so the total is not always 100%.
Source: Human Resources Department


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*   Nationals of the countries in the European Free Trade Association
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formationTraining the next generation

  • 710 resident doctors positions
  • 167.4 clinic leader positions in training
  • 1136 medical interns
  • 1553 health professional trainees
  • 341 other trainees
  • 173 apprentices, including 79 in the field of healthcare.


Academic appointments

In 2015, seventeen doctors from the HUG, including four women, were made professors at the University of Geneva's Faculty of Medicine.

  • 5 Associate Professors: Barbara Broers Kayser, Paola Gasche, Emiliano Giostra, Philippe Huber and Heimo Steffen
  • 10 Full Professors: Anne-Françoise Allaz, Thierry Berney, Léo Bühler, Jules Desmeules, Didier Hannouche, Denis Jabaudon-Gandet, Mathieu Nendaz, Marc Righini, Margitta Seeck and Dipen Shah
  • 2 Tenured Professors: Bernard Genin and Pierre-Auguste Petignat.
Last update : 29/01/2019