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Your hospital between now and 2020

An institution's vision is the path it wants to take and the destination it intends to reach. The HUG's vision focuses on people, medical excellence and relational values.

9 strategic projects

Entitled 20/20 Vision, the new strategic plan redefines the institution's missions. It focuses on making Geneva University Hospitals more efficient and welcoming.


The nine projects, which will be carried out between now and 2020, and which are described in the following pages, reflect a strong will on the part of the HUG to adapt to the changes expected over coming years. They will do this by focusing on improving the hospital's culture and human values.


Each project is broken down into specific actions.


L'human au centreL'human au centre


Putting people at the heart of what we do

At Geneva University Hospitals, our priority is the patient. Before, during and after hospitalisation, everything we do is for our patients' health and well-being. Making the hospital more people-centred means bringing increased proximity and interaction to the patient-caregiver relationship.


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Last update : 29/01/2019