A Medical Center for the Aging to meet the needs of our society

By creating a Medical Center for the Aging, HUG is meeting, in a multidisciplinary manner, the ever-increasing needs in this area. Promoting quality care for elderly patients is a priority.

In our aging societies, it is essential more than ever to provide senior citizens with care that guarantees them both quality care and true quality of life.

We are living longer, with a wide range of diseases that can occur in the same person. Acute health problems and chronic disorders coexist, justifying even more coordinated and concerted care from different medical specialties.

The Medical Center for the Aging is developing two complementary projects in terms of care. On the one hand this is about improving and strengthening hospital services by promoting early geriatric assessment and care optimization. On the other hand, efficient specialized geriatric sectors should take into account both hospitalization episodes and outpatient care.

These care pathways will develop the basic structures and existing dedicated programs already in place at HUG: cognition/memory consultations, continence, falls and osteoporosis (CHEOPS), community geriatric unit, psychiatric care units caring for the elderly (especially the outpatient CAPPA Outpatient Center for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the Elderly).

Christophe GrafProfessor
Christophe Graf
Head of Center

Last update : 29/01/2024