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New washing tunnels

This equipment may not be of a medical nature, but it contributes to the quality of care and patient comfort. These washing tunnels offer an industrial approach to laundry - especially sheets, towels, nightshirts and dressing gowns - from the hospital itself as well as other cantonal health facilities.

The two tunnels that dated back to 1996 and that were extremely water and energy intensive, have been replaced by two machines that are capable of offering impeccable service while focusing on energy savings. They are more environmentally friendly: water consumption is halved, steam supply is reduced, the spin more powerful, and so on.

Production capacity is increased by 8%, rinsing is improved and meets the most stringent standards. It's an added bonus to the HUG's continued work on environmental protection.

80 tonnes

of laundry per week

Every week, the laundry centre located on the ​​Belle Idée site washes, checks, dries and folds over 80 tonnes of laundry, including 18.9 tonnes of uniform.

Last update : 24/01/2017