Surgical activity

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In 2015, the growth in surgical activity, observed since 2011, slowed down (-0.3%), by reducing the patient base from the border. Of the 26,234 interventions carried out, 6905, or 26%, were in outpatient care.

Reduced waiting times

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The time waited before an operation has been reduced for several major operations, including total hip replacement (six weeks in 2015 versus 13 in 2011). This was made possible thanks to longer shifts in some operating units and the reorganisation of the operating hours on all rooms. 

When it comes to surgery requiring highly specialized medicine, and which correspond to an academic specificity of the HUG, these are increasing, particularly:

  • corneal transplants (up 84%) due to the opening of an eye bank at the HUG
  • organ transplants (up 42%)
  • surgery assisted by the Da Vinci robot (up 4.5%).


73 lives saved

through transplantation

In 2015, in Geneva, 104 organs were transplanted in 73 patients, including 12 children.


  • 50 livers
  • 38 kidneys
  • 5 pancreas, 4 combined with a kidney
  • 9 pancreatic islets, including one at the same time as the liver
  • 2 lungs


17 patients died

on the waiting list

The HUG are continuing to raise awareness of organ donation, particularly through the Maradon. 17 patients died in 2015 because they didn't receive an organ in time: 10 were waiting for a liver transplant, two a pancreas-kidney transplantation, four a kidney transplantation and one an intestinal transplant. It's time to take action! 

Last update : 25/04/2023