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Pr Nicolas Mach
Nicolas Mach
Director of Cancer Center
Frédéric Ris
Frédéric Ris
Assistant Director of Cancer Center

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The Cancer Center at the HUG pools all the multiple skills and expertise required to care for patients suffering from cancer. It then proposes and coordinates the best diagnostic and therapeutic strategy for each patient.

The Center is organised around multi-disciplinary meetings called Tumor Boards. These boards create the link between the different HUG divisions involved in the medical and surgical diagnosis and care of cancer, thus optimizing timescales in care pathways.

Why does the Cancer Center involve multiple areas of expertise?

This is because there is not only one cancer, but thousands of different types. They affect all organs and tissues of the organism – from the lungs to the brain, by way of the bone marrow or the blood.

The complexity of care and the rapidity of progress are such that no one doctor alone is now able to take those decisions that will ensure an optimum care pathway.

Cancer is no longer a matter for one single specialist, but for a multi-disciplinary team that holds joint meetings in the form of Tumor Boards.

This organization of Tumor Boards by organ enables all cancer pathologies to be covered.

The Cancer Center is open to every doctor who presents the situation of a patient with a suspected or proven cancer diagnosis. These may be doctors from the HUG, other public or private health institutions (in particular University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV), Group West Geneva Hospital (GHOL) and La Tour Hospital, as well as general practitioners.

How to refer a patient to a Tumor Board

Services provided by the Cancer Center

  • The sharing of the multi-disciplinary expertise of the Cancer Center specialists.
  • The establishment and coordination of individual care pathways to ensure that each patient benefits from a treatment specific to their particular form of cancer and an optimum quality of care.
  • The centralization of all information and the forwarding of this to the general practitioner.
  • The proposal to participate in clinical studies and trials undertaken in a research context.

Number of cases discussed in the TB

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Cancer Center Certifications

The Cancer Center has three certified centers formally accredited by internal or external bodies : The Breast Center, the Prostate Cancer Center and the Lung Cancer Center.

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Last update : 30/01/2024