Centers of Specialized Expertise

HUG has taken on the progressive establishment of centers specialized in one organ or one pathology.

The centers are cross-functional entities bringing together activities, units and/or medical services from different departments. Each center is equipped with a steering committee made up of representatives from all the relevant medical specialties.

Patients do not contact the centers directly for consultation or treatment. But because these centers exist, efficient and cohesive care is established regardless of the division that initially screened them.

Patient treatment is coordinated by divisions working together in an interdisciplinary manner and each contributing their respective medical expertise.

These centers directly benefit the patient who receives complementary care from the best specialists at all times.

  • FOR THE PATIENT: well-defined care guaranteeing the best monitoring for pathologies that require the use of several medical specialties.
  • FOR THE CENTER: efficient treatment of a pathology and recognition as a quality center of expertise.

Medical activities coordinated by each center are focused not only on care, but also on training and clinical research.

The Centers

Last update : 25/03/2024