The laboratory services catalog (RPA) collects data about the services provided by all the laboratories providing routine analysis at HUG.

The RPA is the main way in which laboratories communicate.

It includes:

  • laboratory address and operation hours- main telephone numbers - list of services provided by each laboratory - corresponding SOP numbers - type of specimens analyzed - specimen collection methods (containers, stabilizing agents, packing and transportation conditions, timescales if these are critical, temperature if this is critical, safety requirements if these are relevant, etc) - normal values - procedures for customer complaints
  • any other useful comments

The RPA refers to the laboratory's analytical procedures (SOP number).

You can consult a list of analytical procedures (specifications, precision and accuracy of analytical methods) used by the laboratory, by contacting the Head of Laboratory.

The laboratory is not responsible for taking the specimen (this is a medical procedure), but it does set the procedures for specimen handling (container, transport time and temperature, storage before and after analysis, and any other features of specimen handling).

To ensure patient well-being, the laboratory is authorized to add additional services to the initial request.

If a request is non-compliant, the prescriber is informed of this.

An external prescriber can, if required, create a request by sending a simple letter or other type of document. The laboratory will transcribe such requests into the appropriate forms ad hoc.

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Last update : 04/05/2022