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A new bracelet featuring a Damatrix code

Thanks to the new patient ID bracelet developed by the IS Division, the HUG are working to eradicate identity errors throughout the treatment process.

In a spirit of partnership, each patient is invited to take an active role in their own safety, by spontaneously giving their identity to the caregiver, checking with staff when they have not been notified of an examination or treatment, and requesting a bracelet if it has been removed, if the label has become illegible or if lost. 

The basic security check - name, surname and date of birth - should be repeated prior to administration of high - risk treatments (such as chemotherapy), before a transfusion, an invasive procedure, surgery, examination, or transfer to another unit. The new personalised bracelet, featuring the patient’s full identity, incorporates a Damatrix code, which - for some treatments - is scanned to establish a concordance between the patient and the tests to be conducted or treatment to be administered.

88 %

According to the survey of hospital patients, 88% have worn the bracelet during their stay to ensure they can be identified at all times.

Last update : 24/01/2017