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Recognition of a foreign qualification

A foreign qualification must be recognized for the holder to be able to work at Geneva University Hospitals.

Information about putting together your application for recognition:

Bilateral agreements

Switzerland has signed bilateral agreements with Europe, which promote, amongst other things, the free movement of people. European foreign nationals automatically obtain an authorization to work on presentation of a work contract.

Further information is on the federal administration website.

Entitlement to practise

The entitlement to practice is a mandatory permit for health professionals wishing to practise in the administrative area (canton) of Geneva. It is issued by the Entitlement to Practise Unit at the General Management of Health. Also see the directives of the Regional Pharmacists Division.

Getting around

To encourage colleagues to use environmentally friendly transportation between home and work or between different sites, HUG offers various solutions to the problems of city traffic and the lack of parking places.

These measures form the HUG transport plan and include some beneficial offers for staff:

  • Subsidies for universal, CFF (Swiss Federal Railways) and P+R (Park and Rail) season tickets
  • car pooling solutions,
  • park and ride between sites at Belle-Idée (parking + shuttle),
  • Free HUG staff shuttles between sites,
  • installing 2-wheel parking
  • suitable for bikes, including electric ones,
  • Making Mobility Car Sharing cards available to all divisions,
  • good deals on bicycles and accessories from retailers.

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Last update : 04/08/2022