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A leading economic player, HUG employs 11,148 people, which is equivalent to 9,312.9 full-time jobs. This figure is rising in line with the integration of the Joli-Mont and Montana Clinics. Seven out of ten staff members are female. Four out of ten employees work part-time. In 2016, HUG hired 907 people.

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Nota bene: rounded percentages, the total does not always come to 100%.
Source: Human resources division


Occupation rate              Nationality of members of staff


* Nationals from European Free Trade Area countries
** Nationals from European Union countries


Training the next generationtraining

  • 742 junior doctor posts
  • 160.4 posts for senior residents in training
  • 1,166 medical trainees
  • 1,612 healthcare professional trainees
  • 338 other trainees
  • 188 apprentices, including 77 in the field of health


Professorial appointments

In 2016, thirty-four HUG physicians, including seven women, were appointed as professors at the University of Geneva’s Faculty of Medicine.

  • 10 assistant professors : Marc Ansari, Karim Bendjelid, Yvan Gasche, Philippe Millet, Fabienne Perren, Pascal Senn, Sylvain Terraz, Maria Isabel Vargas Gomez, Nicolas Vuilleumier et Serge Vulliemoz
  • 10 associate professors : Tony Fracasso, Friedhelm Hummel, Guerkan Kaya, Eniko Kovari, Valérie Mc Lin, Doron Merkler, Sophie Pautex, Bruno Roche, Georges Savoldelli et Jacques Serratrice
  • 10 full professors : Carole Bourquin Stroher, Pierre Burkhard, Carlo Chizzolini, Silke Grabherr, Walid Habre, Christoph Huber, Christophe Iselin, Paul Krack, Marc-Joseph Licker, Martine Louis Simonet et René Prêtre
  • 4 tenured professors : Tiziano Cassina, Michel Erne, Paolo Merlani et Andreas Perren.

Other appointments

Five directors were also appointed in 2016.

Last update : 29/01/2019