Soins - rapport d'activité 2016

Excelling for the patient is our daily commitment in order to offer each of you the best possible care, at the cutting edge of medicine.

2 world firsts

HUG was the first hospital in the world to perform a liver transplant between two HIV virus carriers.


This transplant opens up unprecedented possibilities for people living with HIV. They can now state that they are potential organ donors. People carrying the HIV virus and awaiting an organ see their chances of receiving a transplant increase.


Another world first: the use of angiography during thyroid ablation.


1000 respiratory insufficiencies

in Geneva

To improve the quality of life of people suffering from a chronic respiratory disease, a rehabilitation programme has been set up by HUG’s respiratory department. It is accredited by the Swiss society of Pneumology.


5 new centers

Pooling expertise, the center encourages synergised and coordinated care. In 2016, a French-speaking Swiss thoracic surgery university centre was formed under the direction of the Association Vaud-Genève.

Four other centers have been created


1600 students without a doctor

A medical consultation for students (FR) has been opened by HUG’s primary care medicine department. It offers easier access to the Genevan healthcare network. Appointments can be made quickly online.

Last update : 24/04/2023