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3 projetcs

by HUG funded by the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences.

Research into healthcare services is gaining importance on an international level. This has encouraged the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences to support research since 2012.

In 2016, it attributed a budget of some 600,000 Swiss francs to nine projects, three of which were presented by HUG teams. This research is interested in the renunciation of healthcare treatments, preventing cardiovascular risks in teenagers, and reducing excessive alcohol consumption by young people.  


13 innovative projects

Falling within the scope of basic or clinical research, the 13 projects presented during the 10th Innovation Day demonstrated the dynamism and creativity of Genevan researchers. The 2016 Prize was awarded to a team from the Geneva-Lausanne pharmacy school that had the idea of using a hyaluronic acid derivative to treat osteoarthritis and relieve joint pain.


2 Pfizer awards

Two Genevan teams from HUG and the University of Geneva received the 2016 Pfizer Award for research in the field of neurosciences and nervous system diseases. The first team’s project offers promising avenues for predicting brain repair phenomena after a stroke. The second group studies treating addiction using deep brain stimulation.


6 research and development projects

In 2016, HUG’s clinical research center (FR) and the Faculty of Medicine financially supported six projects by young researchers, taking an interest in a wide variety of subjects such as acute colitis, spatial memory impairment, liver transplants, vitamin D supplements, human papillomavirus, and haploidentical transplants, in other words an organ from a parent or a child.



articles published

Publication in peer-reviewed journals is important for an academic career. Each year, the Clinical research day gives pride of place to papers with the highest impact. In 2016, it awarded its Prize to two publications in The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine about a clinical trial concerning the Ebola vaccine tested at HUG.



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