Surgery activity

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Reduced waiting timesgraphique - interventions chirurgicales

The treatment time frames have been reduced for several major operations, in particular total hip prosthesis (2 weeks in 2016 compared to 6 in 2015 and 13 in 2011) and neurosurgical operations regarding vertebral pathologies (4.5 weeks in 2016 compared to 7.5 in 2015).

Since 2012, surgical activity has grown by 5.2%. After plateauing in 2015, it rose once more following the extension of operating hours and the possibility offered to cross-border patients of becoming affiliated to the LAMal (Swiss Health Insurance Act).

In 2016, considerations continued about the future of the operating theatres and their reorganisation to meet the needs of the Genevan population. Areas for development have been defined for 2025.

72 lives saved

through transplants

In 2016, in Geneva, 81 organs were transplanted in 72 patients, including 5 children.

  • 37 livers
  • 34 kidneys
  • 7 pancreases including 5 simultaneously with a kidney and 1 with a liver
  • 3 islets of Langerhans including 1 simultaneously with a kidney.


11 patients died

waiting for an organ

HUG is continuing its organ donation awareness-raising campaign, particularly through the Maradon event. 11 patients died in 2016 as they were unable to receive an organ donation in time: eight were waiting for a liver transplant and three for a kidney transplant. Let’s get mobilised! Download the echo 112 app.


3 donors

passed on one of their kidneys to three patients in the same day. This is the second time that a triple cross transplant has been successfully performed in Switzerland.

Last update : 25/10/2022