Human Resources Directorate

Mr. Pierre-Paul Cornet
Mr. Patrick Nicollier

The Human Resources Directorate is one of the key institutional stakeholders making a significant contribution to the successful implementation of HUG strategic directions.

Its mission is defined with respect to 4 priority areas:

  • participate in the success of the organization’s strategy: 
  • with a major contribution to the development of a business culture, a feeling of belonging and by developing HR governance and strategy, aligned with those of the institution
  • steering change and new business development: by being a primary stakeholder initiating, facilitating and driving change, by improving organizational performance, by setting up management programs and key functions, while strengthening HUG appeal, and by developing support programs, especially for skills that are in short supply and for new skills
  • develop individual skills and strengthen employee involvement: with a human resources policy based on acknowledging the individual, the work-life balance, occupational health and safety, strengthening personal accountability, managerial consistency, training development, and by promoting internal mobility, especially through career paths
  • efficiently manage administrative tasks: by applying HR policies, laws and procedures, systematic optimizing of SIRH and its procedures, making key deliverables available in the areas of contracting, pay and social insurance, training and skills development, recruitment, and mobility.
Last update : 01/11/2021