External Affairs Directorate

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Mrs Véronique Maye Voutat
Mrs Véronique Maye Voutat


Mme Karine Martinez

Nicole Rosset
Ms Karine Martinez
Master en Econométrie
Deputy Director
Manager of the international pole
Ms Nicole Rosset
Deputy Director
Manager of the international pole

Mme Noria Mezlef

Dr Eric Comte
Ms Noria Mezlef 
Operational Coordinator
Geneva Health Forum 
Dr Eric Comte 
Scientific Program Coordinator of the Geneva Health Forum
Mme Christine MaheurMs Sarah Bétend
Ms Christine Maheut
Assistant, Humanitarian Center
Ms Sarah Bétend
Assistant, National and International Affairs

Ms Sabrina Bracaloni-Ruotolo
Ms Sabrina Bracaloni-Ruotolo
Assistant, Management of National
and International Conventions




  • Assert HUG leadership and excellence in terms of care, teaching, research and innovation.
  • Promote the culture of openness and partnership with a broad network nationally and internationally.
  • Position HUG as an institution that lives up to its social and economic responsibilities.


  • Coordinate and steer External Affairs in a manner consistent with HUG strategic priorities
  • Consolidate and integrate all HUG External Affairs fields of activity: cantonal, regional, national, international and humanitarian in coordination with relevant HUG divisions
  • Develop and promote collaborative projects and excellence-driven partnerships with different hospital facilities and health stakeholders in Western Switzerland, Switzerland and abroad
  • Promote and strengthen relationships with health facilities in the France-Vaud-Geneva region, including cross-border care
  • Vaud-Geneva Association: Office of the Secretary General, project coordination and management
  • Develop and maintain relationships with Geneva International, especially international organizations, diplomatic circles, the Permanent Mission of Switzerland with respect to the UNOG, the CAGI (Geneva Welcome Center)
  • Develop and sustain relationships in economic circles (multinationals, chambers of commerce, Geneva Economic Development Office)
  • Assist the General Directorate with health policy cases (Public Health Directorate, FOPH, CDS, etc.) and anticipate changes to the Swiss Healthcare System and the impact of federal policy
  • Contribute to the development of the private sector of HUG
  • Strengthen HUG’s influence and appeal to patients and staff, especially by publicizing the excellence of HUG specialists
  • Represent HUG at various conferences and public events


Four strategic priorities for External Affairs

1) Regional and National Network

  • Strengthen and promote the France-Vaud-Geneva health region
    • Strengthen the cross-border care network: facilitate access to care for cross-border patients, invest in creating a cross-border health region in collaboration with neighboring French authorities.
    • Vaud-Geneva Association: close cooperation with the CHUV (Lausanne University Hospital) and creation of Western Swiss Centers of expertise.
    • Collaborate with health organizations and facilities in the Geneva region and Greater Geneva (private practice physicians, private clinics, EMS, imad and other partners)
  • Foster the development of knowledge sharing networks, best practices and the development of expertise with University and non-University Swiss Hospitals

2) International Network

  • Create a network with hospitals of similar scale, via the International Hospital Federation (IHF) and with the High Value Healthcare Collaborative Association (a collaboration via the Care Quality Division)
  • Develop relationships with international organizations based in Geneva (UNO, WHO, CERN and others).
  • Réseau Mère-Enfant de la Francophonie (Mother-Child French-Speaking Network), bringing together a number of university hospitals from the North and South: sharing knowledge and best practices, multicenter research projects.
  • Development and transfer of HUG expertise, on a clinical, organizational and also managerial level, to health facilities in requesting countries.
  • Collaborate and network with a number of countries in the field of care, in collaboration with the HUG private sector.

3) Humanitarian Commitment and Development assistance

  • Transfer of expertise (patient care, teaching, research protocol) with the aim of developing local resources in southern developing countries.
  • Contribute to the maintenance and development of HUG expertise in highly specialized medicine (heart surgery, noma surgical treatment) ensuring access to sufficient operating volumes to support training activities.
  • Disaster/humanitarian emergency interventions in crisis situations (contracted and non-contracted).
  • Caring for patients with complex pathologies on a humanitarian rate.

4) Geneva Health Forum

  • The External Affairs Directorate is responsible for managing the Geneva Health Forum.
Last update : 19/07/2021