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New equipment at Bellerive

At the beginning of the active rehabilitation of upper limbs, assistance is required to do extremely intense exercises. Using a robot provides a real benefit.

The technology is based on virtual reality exercises. As they play, the patient interacts with their movements and realises their day-to-day progress. The occupational therapist may adapt the difficulty of the exercises.

Installed in the Bellerive Hospital, this new automated early rehabilitation device is easy to use. Its exoskeleton provides optimal support for the upper limb and offers the patient the possibility of accessing the exercises completely independently.


Balance disorders : a unique platform

A real gyroscope, the inner ear is the main organ involved in balance, capable of detecting the head’s movements in space.

HUG offers a unique platform in Switzerland for testing balance problems. It notably includes a rotating chair to assess the vestibulo-ocular reflex, which is essential for maintaining stable vision when the body is in movement.

After the tests, the physician has a complete otoneurological picture to diagnose a vestibular deficit and suggest a treatment.

Last update : 26/05/2017