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Fitting out the Julliard Building

HUG received the keys to the new Gustave Julliard hospital building in late 2016.

Tests had been carried out since June in a pilot unit with a view to checking the equipment with the healthcare practitioners and making the final equipment choices.

The final work was completed in September, enabling the roll-out tests and equipment delivery to begin. The first patient is set to be welcomed on 28 March 2017.

In addition to the care units, intensive care and operating theatres, the Gustave Julliard building also includes

  • two arcades: the HUG one will host information and mediation activities; while the imad one will make it easier to organise home help and care
  • a coffee shop and a brasserie Chez Gustave
  • a lecture theatre for conferences and training
  • the innovation centre, which will function as an ideas incubator to bring innovative projects to light and make them a reality
  • a public pharmacy that will be run by Pharmagenève.


opérating theatres

Adjoining the operating theatres located in the Opéra building, six new rooms, including two equipped with a robot for visceral and urological surgery operations, will be opening their doors in September 2017. The main new feature is a large central anaesthetising room to prepare patients before their operation. This will encourage the judicious use of all of the theatres.



intensive care beds

Previously spread over two sites, the adult intensive care units will be grouped together into a single location as of April 2017. In addition to the 24 neighbouring beds in the Opéra building, there will be 12 individual rooms, including two isolation rooms equipped with airlocks.
This new area has been designed to enhance families’ welcome, information and comfort.


New hospital building: testing phase (FR)


New hospital building - the HUG are moving in ! (FR)


OPEN DOORS Gustave Julliard 2017 (FR)


Last update : 26/05/2017