Infrastructures - rapport d'activités 2016

Investing in and modernising your hospital

By 2017, the State of Geneva will have invested 550 million Swiss francs in vast projects that shape your hospital of the future.



this is the number of buildings that have been renamed to make it easier for visitors to find their way around.

Valérie de Gasparin, Gustave Julliard, David Klein, Louise Morier, Jean-Louis Prévost and Lina Stern have made their mark on the history of medicine in Geneva.

Six buildings, located between boulevard de la Cluse and avenue de la Roseraie, now bear these names, including the new Gustave Julliard hospital building, which will welcome its first patient in spring 2017.

A list of twenty names drawn up by a historian was submitted to the Genevan population. Over 10,000 votes were registered online and the choice ratified by the Council of State.


53 000


Within the framework of outpatient treatments, blood, urine or stools often need to be analysed. A project, adopted in 2016, aims to create a unique sampling centre, adjoining the outpatient consultations provided by community medicine.


Last update : 26/05/2017