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The HUG Private Foundation (FR) is the foundation of the University Hospitals of Geneva and the University of Geneva’s Faculty of Medicine. It devotes – with complete transparency and rigour – all of the donations made by individuals and groups to funding essential projects to promote medical knowledge and quality healthcare for the good of all patients, whatever their disease.

In 2016, the Foundation supported 63 projects, including 39 new projects in the field of healthcare, patient comfort and research.


Contrepoids® at the maternity hospital

Obesity and pregnancy do not go well together. Overweight pregnant women have an increased risk of developing complications endangering their own health and that of their baby.

To improve their follow-up, a specific programme is offered to them. Funded for two years by the HUG Private Foundation (FR), it is the fruit of a collaboration between the high-risk obstetrics unit (FR) and the Contrepoids® treatment programme.


3 grants

Each year, the HUG Private Foundation (FR) encourages scientific research. In 2016, it awarded three grants of 600,000 Swiss francs each for large-scale projects headed by renowned professors.


Beads of encouragement

Thanks to the HUG Private Foundation, the association Zoé4life and the Vaud League against cancer, the Dutch concept of the Kanjerketting© or “hero’s necklace” has been introduced at HUG.

In the paediatric onco-haematology unit (FR), each young child with cancer receives a personalized necklace with beads spelling out their first name. At each step in their treatment, they obtain extra beads, for a blood test, biopsy, chemotherapy, etc. Each bead testifies to their courageous fight.

The necklace is a way of talking about the disease from a fresh perspective and preparing for and anticipating future treatments. It offers a more playful and light-hearted way of approaching moments that can be frightening for the child.




Last update : 30/05/2017