Executive committee : operational decisions

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The executive committee (EC) steers HUG; it implements the decisions of the board of directors, and its chair – the chief executive officer – receives his instructions from the chair of the board of directors.

This body sits every week. In 2016, it handled 512 cases and met 46 times.

As part of its work, the EC in particular :

  • prepared the 2017-2020 four-year financial plan and the 2016-2019 service contract
  • approved the 2016-2025 investment programme
  • monitored the implementation of the Vision 20/20 strategic plan and the progress of nine projects
  • worked on the rearrangement of day surgery and the reorganisation of outpatient consultations
  • decided to open the outpatient emergency unit 24/7, including the orange line for general medicine and green line for surgery
  • studied specific concerns, for example care for cross-border patients, organization in the event of a major incident in light of the terrorist threat, and reorganisation of the current ward block
  • approved the concept of the new Intranet, an information and professional portal designed for staff
  • modified several directives and the role of certain commissions
  • adopted measures to improve patient comfort and promote clinical research.

In 2016, the members of the EC were as follows :

  • Bertrand Levrat, chair of the executive committee and chief executive officer
  • François Taillard, deputy managing director (deputy chair)
  • Michèle Righetti, deputy managing director (deputy chair)
  • Henri Bounameaux, dean of the Faculty of Medicine and director of teaching and research
  • Jacques Hertzschuch, director of human resources until the end of February 2016, then Claudia Schwesinger, from March 2016
  • André Laubscher, healthcare director
  • Sylvia de Meyer, communications director
  • Arnaud Perrier, medical director
  • Brigitte Rorive Feytmans, chief financial officer.
Last update : 20/12/2018