Board of directors : the higher authority

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HUG’s higher authority, the board of directors (BoD) is invested with wide-ranging powers to manage and define the healthcare policy, subject to the legislative – Grand Council (parliament) – and executive – Council of State – authorities of the Republic and canton of Geneva.

In 2016, this decision-making body sat ten times and dealt with 129 cases.
Within the framework of its work, it adopted :  

  • the 2015 accounts (including the trustee’s report) and the 2017 draft budget
  • the 2017 annual equipment plan
  • the 2017-2020 four-year financial plan
  • the 2016-2019 service contract and the accompanying bill
  • the consolidated matrix of institutional risks for 2016
  • the annual agreed charge contracts
  • the different structural changes to HUG’s organization chart
  • the new regulations regarding the distribution of skills in terms of personnel management.

This board debated or considered the following matters in particular :

  • the adult emergency department renovation and extension project
  • psychiatric care in detention facilities
  • staff safety in connection with the increase in violence
  • transfer to the helicopter base
  • the integration of the Joli-Mont and Montana Clinics
  • the situation in several medical departments
  • application of the labour law and the adjustments required by the Cantonal office of inspection and labour relations.

The following are members for the legislative period until 30 November 2018 :

  • François Canonica, chair of the board of directors, Council of State representative
  • Gabrielle Maulini, vice-chair, Grand Council representative (Ve)
  • Olivier Sandoz, secretary of the board of directors, Council of State representative
  • Mauro Poggia, State Councillor in charge of the employment, social affairs and health department
  • Domenico Alborino, Council of State representative
  • Navid Alizadeh, Council of State representative
  • Michel Amaudruz, Grand Council representative (UDC) until 24 August 2016, then Marc Fuhrmann from 16 December 2016
  • David Andenmatten, Grand Council representative (EAG)
  • Frédéric Baldini, Grand Council representative (S)
  • Ariane Blum Brunier, Council of State representative
  • Solange Caillon, elected staff representative (SSP)
  • Christian van Delden, elected staff representative (healthcare personnel list)
  • Roger Golay, Grand Council representative (MCG)
  • Guy Larmanjat, representative of Ain and Haute-Savoie Departmental Councils
  • Pierre-François Leyvraz, Canton of Vaud representative
  • Michel Matter, Canton of Geneva Association of Physicians representative
  • Alain-Dominique Mauris, Grand Council representative (PLR)
  • Roger Mayou, Council of State representative
  • Daniela Neves, elected staff representative (SIT)
  • Odette Saez, Grand Council representative (PDC).

The executive committee attends the board of directors’ meetings.

Last update : 20/12/2018