Management committees: departmental management

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In accordance with a decentralised approach, each department is led by a head of department, assisted by a management committee. Their role is to ensure that the following are properly applied in the department and its services:

Within the framework of the resources allocated to it, each management committee:

  • adopts the draft revenue and expenditure budget for its department and its services
  • ensures proper implementation of the budget voted
  • supervises the management of specific projects
  • adopts the activity report and accounts.

In 2017, each management committee met a dozen times; they were chaired by:

  • Prof. Anne-Françoise Allaz, head of the internal medicine, rehabilitation and geriatrics department (10 sessions)
  • Prof. Jean-Michel Aubry, head of the mental health and psychiatry department (12 sessions)
  • Prof. Christoph Becker, head of the imaging and medical informatics department (8 sessions) 
  • Prof. Dominique Belli, head of the child and adolescent department until the end of September 2017, then Prof. Alain Gervaix from October 2017 (10 sessions)  
  • Prof. Pierre-Yves Dietrich, head of the  oncology department (10 sessions)
  • Prof. Jean-Michel Gaspoz, head of the community medicine, primary care and emergency department (9 sessions)
  • Didier Gevaux, director of the operations department (11 sessions)
  • Prof. Denis Hochstrasser, head of the genetic medicine, laboratory and pathology department until the end of November 2017, then Prof. Laura Rubbia-Brandt from December 2017 (5 sessions)
  • Prof. Olivier Irion, head of the gynaecology and obstetrics department until the end of September 2017, then Prof. Patrick Petignat from October 2017 (10 sessions)
  • Prof. Pierre-Yves Martin, head of the medical specialties department (8 sessions)
  • Prof. Philippe Morel, head of the surgery department (9 sessions)
  • Prof. Armin Schnider, head of the clinical neurosciences department (9 sessions)
  • Prof. Martin Tramèr, head of the anaesthesiology, pharmacology and intensive care department (10 sessions)
  • Dr Gilbert Zulian, head of the rehabilitation and palliative medicine department (10 sessions).
Last update : 24/08/2020