Focus on 2025

AC10 – surgical activities in ten years: this is HUG’s vast project to respond to the 1% annual increase in the population’s needs. The project’s first milestone: the opening in 2017 of six new operating theatres, including two equipped with a robot, in the Gustave Julliard building.

Other steps are planned with:

  • the creation of a surgical platform comprising a rhythmology room (cardiology) and an operating theatre dedicated to neurosurgery teamed with an MRI (GIBOR project)
  • the construction of a two-storey building with five new theatres (EXTOP project)
  • the renovation of the emergency department and OPERA units.

By 2025, HUG will have 27 operating and interventional rooms combining technological developments and ergonomics to promote the quality and safety of the services provided.

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AC10 - activités chirurgicales à 10 ans
Last update : 02/07/2018