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How much does a day in hospital cost? 

All healthcare areas and patients included, a day in hospital costs an average of 1,360 Swiss francs. From 800 Swiss francs in rehabilitation to 7,000 Swiss francs in intensive care, the cost (*) per patient varies depending on the use of the technical facilities and the type of care.

Chiffres - soins50 à 95%

The largest proportion of the costs corresponds to healthcare and those who provide it. For HUG, staffing costs represented 1,476.3 million Swiss francs in 2017.



chiffres - équipements

5 à 8%

From perfusions to robots, surgical lasers to ultrasonic scalpels, HUG counts 39,280 items of equipment inventoried worth a total of 326.7 million Swiss francs. They invested 12.5 million Swiss francs in 2017 to keep in step with developments in treatments and technologies.


chiffres - médicaments et matériels

5% on average

A titanium prosthesis, a syringe, a bandage, an implant, a radioactive product, a blood bag, a drug: all of this makes up the operating medical expenses, which came to 193.1 million Swiss francs in 2017.


chiffres - hôtellerie restauration


Each patient pays 15 Swiss francs per day as a contribution to the costs of their stay (food and board). This far from covers the hotel and catering costs estimated at 71 Swiss francs per day for meals and 31 Swiss francs per day for cleaning the rooms and laundry.


chiffres - recherche et enseignement188.8 million

This was the allowance granted in 2017 by the State of Geneva enabling HUG to provide pregraduate and postgraduate training, as well as clinical research. This sum is supplemented with private or public funds such as the Swiss National Science Foundation or the HUG Private Foundation, which boost research.


Chiffres - travaux

549 million

Over and above the 549 million Swiss francs invested up to 2017 in major construction projects, 16 million Swiss francs were spent in 2017 on real estate maintenance.


(*) Be careful not to confuse the cost of a day and its price. About half of the cost is billed to the insurance company or patient. The difference is covered by the allowance paid by the State.

Last update : 14/05/2018