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Surgical activity has grown by 5.3% since 2013. In 2017, HUG continued its efforts to improve patient flow and increase the safety level of procedures.

Since September 2017, HUG has had six new operating theatres in the Gustave Julliard building. The opening of these theatres has made it possible to:

  • transfer and regroup surgical activities per speciality and
  • make two additional theatres available for differed emergencies.

The theatres whose activity has been transferred to Gustave Julliard have been closed, allowing the renovation of the emergency unit.

91 lives saved

through transplants

In 2017 in Geneva, 97 organs were transplanted in 91 patients, including 9 children.

  • 50 livers
  • 1 lung simultaneously with a liver
  • 36 kidneys
  • 1 pancreas simultaneously with a kidney
  • 9 islets of Langerhans including 5 after a kidney

15 patients died

waiting for an organ

HUG is continuing its organ donation awareness-raising campaign, particularly through the Maradon event.
15 patients died in 2017 as they were unable to receive an organ donation in time: 13 were waiting for a liver transplant and two for a kidney transplant.
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Last update : 25/10/2022