Research - 2017 Activity report

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of patients agree to contribute to research.

General consent for research (FR) was introduced in 2017. In the space of a few months, 6,000 consents were received.

In concrete terms, after receiving comprehensive information, 6,000 people agreed for their data and biological samples taken during a consultation or exam (tissue, blood, other body fluids) to be kept in HUG’s biobank.

Researchers can use them to improve the diagnosis of a disease or better monitor the response to a treatment. If the patient who has given their written agreement changes their mind at any time, the material is destroyed.


19 innovative projects

Falling within the scope of basic or clinical research, the 19 projects presented during the 11th Innovation Day (FR) demonstrated the dynamism and creativity of Genevan researchers. Offered by the HUG Private Foundation, the 2017 Prize was awarded to a team from the University of Geneva’s department of human protein science, which has developed a marker capable of determining whether a CT scan is useful or not for a head trauma victim. This will result in savings and fewer unnecessary examinations.


2 Pfizer awards

Two Genevan teams from HUG and the University of Geneva received the 2017 Pfizer Award for research in the field of neurosciences and nervous system diseases. The first team demonstrated how to optimize vaccinating pregnant women against whooping cough; the second explained the link between proteinuria and cardiovascular disease, opening up new therapeutic avenues.


902 articles published

Publication in peer-reviewed journals is important for an academic career. Each year, the Clinical research day gives pride of place to papers with the highest impact. In 2017, it awarded its Prize to a publication in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics that describes a model for predicting the response to a drug and defining the dose for highly complex drugs.


7  research and development projects

In 2017, HUG’s clinical research centre and the Faculty of Medicine financially supported seven projects by young researchers, taking an interest in a wide variety of subjects such as endometriosis, contraception, pre-eclampsia (FR), respiratory infections, knee arthroplasty, the effectiveness of certain antibiotics and thorax radiography.

Last update : 25/11/2020