Gynaecology - obstetrics


Maternity hospital extension

On 1 September 2017, the Maternity hospital extension was inaugurated in the presence of the authorities. This date marks the completion of a vast project that began 15 years earlier.

Expanded in stages and modernised, HUG’s Maternity Hospital will have the capacity to meet several challenges:

  • an increase in the population and the number of births
  • a rise in high-risk pregnancies
  • even more cutting-edge care for cancer in women.

It has 134 gynaecology and obstetrics (FR) beds and state-of-the-art infrastructure in neonatology(FR), to ensure that premature or low weight babies receive care and are closely monitored around the clock.

In the coming years, other work is planned for the building that came into operation in 1997, to bring it up to standard and refit and reconfigure it to promote the development of outpatient activities.

4'182 babies

born in 2017

With 81 more births than in 2016 and 40 more than in 2015, HUG’s Maternity Hospital set a new record and remains the leading maternity hospital in Switzerland.

Last update : 02/07/2018