General Directorate

M. Bertrand Levrat
M. Bertrand Levrat
General Director

The General Director

In the capacity of Chief Executive Officer, the General Director is responsible for the proper operation of HUG. He receives instructions from the Chairman of the Board. The General Director is appointed by the State Council.

Operational decisions, in the framework of policies, general objectives, budget and medical entities adopted by the Board, are delegated to the Chief Executive Officer who is accountable to the Board for results obtained. 

In his capacity as Chief Executive Officer, the General Director’s mission is to:

  • lead HUG in fulfilling its missions, policies and objectives set by the Board
  • position and maintain HUG in a situation of continuous re-evaluation of the policies and objectives, taking into account the environment and the special conditions that apply to a University Hospital Institution
  • ensure that laws, regulations, statues and directives are complied with
  • propose budgets and establish operational rules
  • provide controls to assess the level of fulfillment of the objectives and decide on appropriate corrective measures
  • take on the role of an internal review body
  • represent HUG with the agreement of the Chairman of the Board
  • establish all contacts useful to HUG with other University Hospital Institutions, with the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine and with the public services.

In his capacity as General Director, oversees:

  • The Commission for Information Systems Strategy
  • Equalization Funds Committee
  • Decentralized Management Board

The HUG General Directorate

  • implements the policies and overall direction defined by the Board in conjunction with the Executive Committee
  • establishes institutional strategic objectives and the objectives of the members of the Executive Committee
  • determines the objectives and regulations for managing departments and shared services.

The General Directorate brings together in one structure the General Director and the Assistant General Director.

The following directorates report to the General Director:

  • Teaching and Research Directorate
  • Medical and Quality Directorate
  • Care Directorate
  • Finance Directorate
  • Human Resources Directorate
  • Communication Directorate
Alain Kolly
M. Alain Kolly
Assistant General Director

The mission of the Assistant General Director is to participate in the development and ensure the implementation of institutional objectives for their field of activity and any other matter delegated by the General Director. He is jointly responsible for the General Directorate alongside the General Director, and assists and fills in for the General Director.

As Assistant General Director, M. Alain Kolly takes on missions primarily focused on the organization and management of projects, as well as all aspects pertaining to the legal field. The following directorates, divisions, and facilities report to her:

  • Vaud-Geneva Procurement and Biomedical Engineering Department
  • Innovation Center in connection with the 20/20 Strategic Plan
  • External Affairs Directorate
  • Legal Affairs Directorate
  • Operating Department Directorate
  • Operations Directorate
  • Prevention, Security and Safety Directorate
  • Projects and Processes Directorate
  • Information Systems Directorate

Privacy protection advisors also report to him on a more administrative level. There are also plans to affiliate him with the public/private partnership platform, which aims to professionalize and coordinate activities related to donations and bequests at HUG.

Last update : 05/05/2022