Strategy - 2017 Activity Report

Your hospital by 2020

At the cutting edge of medicine, HUG works for the well-being and health of everyone. Open to the world and committed to the community, day after day it strives to be the best for you.


Staff members involved

The fruit of a participatory process, HUG’s strategic plan, entitled Vision 20/20, is being rolled out through nine projects; it is regularly monitored by the executive committee and annual meetings on all of the sites. Its state of progress is described in the following pages.


These strategic projects reflect HUG’s desire to adapt to foreseeable changes over the coming years. They focus on improving the hospital’s culture and on its human values.


Challenges : People at the centre


People at the centre

HUG’s priority is patients. In the care provided, before, during and after their stay in hospital, everything must contribute to their health and well-being.
The hospital becomes more human when healthcare provider/patient relations become closer and more interactive.



Last update : 14/05/2018