Infrastructure - 2017 Activity Report

Investing in and transforming your hospital

In the space of a few years, the State of Geneva has invested 550 million Swiss francs in vast projects that have shaped your hospital of the future.


is the number of visits to the Gustave Julliard building recorded during open days.

In early March 2017, almost 10,000 Genevans discovered their new hospital. A few weeks after the building’s opening, there was a unique opportunity for everyone to visit the operating theatres and intensive care unit. Some one hundred medical students and professionals geared into action on Saturday and Sunday to welcome, share their passion and answer their guests’ questions. This event was relayed on social media (30,000 views on Twitter) and on One FM’s airwaves.


2'000 additional patients per year

Over the coming years, the increase in the adult emergency department’s activities is estimated at 3% per year. This represents some 2,000 more people admitted each year. Hence the renovation and reorganisation project for the premises to be carried out by 2021. The challenge is to carry out the works without any downtime.
This project looks to:

  • reduce wait times before being seen in the emergency department
  • facilitate ambulance access
  • increase the number of examination rooms for critical emergencies
  • improve patient admission and care
  • improve the ergonomics of the premises for staff
Last update : 18/06/2020