Surgery and medicine


Opening of the Julliard building

Completed at the end of 2016, the new hospital building welcomed its first patients on 28 March 2017. The intensive care unit, with a single reception, opened in May. In September, it was the operating theatres’ turn to become operational.

It should be noted that the Gustave Julliard building also includes:

  • two arcades: the HUG one hosts information and mediation activities; while the imad one makes it easier to organise home help and care
  • a coffee shop and brasserie Chez Gustave
  • a lecture theatre for conferences and training
  • the innovation centre, which functions as an ideas incubator to bring innovative projects to light and make them a reality
  • a public pharmacy open 24/7, which is run by Pharmagenève.

188 two-bed rooms

The major new feature of the Gustave Julliard building lies in the widespread use of two-bed rooms (one bed for isolation rooms). All feature a shower and toilet and a large bay window.

Last update : 09/07/2024