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In 2017, HUG controlled its supplies, logistics and maintenance costs for goods and equipment, absorbing fluctuations linked to hospital activity along with the increase in services and equipment, while continuing efforts to manage and optimize energy consumption.

pictogramme - electricity 
55’400’553 kWh consumed


pictogramme - waste
5’805 metric tons of waste treated (52% recycled)



pictogramme - maintenance

   486’958 m2 maintained



pictogramme - linen

85 metric tons laundered per week



pictogramme - nettoyage66’638 beds cleaned



pictogramme - catering

3’693’195 meals prepared,  2’033’547 of witch were served to patients



pictogramme - helicopter transport331 missions carried out by the helicopter base, i.e 10’565 minutes' flight time



Last update : 20/12/2018